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***IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a digital product, therefore does not include physical print outs of the 'Splats' or come with the dice used in the Creations by Chance series.***


Updated with a more detailed (and chaotic) selection of choices, you can now print out the latest version splats to play your own game of Creations by Chance at home!

This high quality digital download includes all 4 'Splats' in the Creations by Chance series in .PDF file format (Subject, Style, Colour and Plot Twist) including cover page.

Dice Requirements:

Subject: D20 dice

Style: D10 dice
Colour: D12 dice
Plot Twist: D20 dice

Helpful tip: If you want to get in on the fun but don't own a polyhedral dice set, you can still play by writing the numbers for each splat down on a piece of paper and drawing them from a hat. This is still an effective but easy alternative to rolling dice for your numbers! 

Terms of use: 
By purchasing this digital download you are agreeing to use the content for personal and recreational use only. You may not use this content in products for license, resale, monetization or any other distribution. For clarity, you are not permitted to modify the content, print it in any form to sell to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. Any use of the content that is not a permitted use constitutes infringement of copyright!

Note from the creator: 
Creations by Chance is my baby, and I am so honoured to share my art with so many of you who share a love for all things fun, artsy, and unhinged like I do. I'd never expected this series to grow so quickly and receive as much positive feedback as it has, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. By purchasing this download you're helping me to continue doing what I love and level up from starving artist to satiated artist. Seriously, it means the world. I love you, happy painting!! <3

- Takeisha

'Creations by Chance' Splats: Version 2 - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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