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This vibrant original piece is perfect for the art lover who is looking for a bold statement piece to add a unique flare to their home. This painting was created using several different texturing mediums, including ceramic stucco and heavy gloss gel which was infused with glitter and metallic paint to make the bright and lively flowers quite literally pop off the canvas. The gold traingle band around the marble centre adds a nice touch to the warm sparkle of the gold tones that can be seen throughout the painting. This piece really captivates the senses, and is sure to bring any room to life!

Metallic Flower Palette Knife Painting

  • (Measurements: Width:9 inches Height: 12 inches Depth: 1 inch)

    Caring Instructions:

    This piece is coated in a UV protective gloss, but like all paintings it is still sucepptable to fading over time. To maintain its vibrant colour, it is recommended to store in a well-lit area but avoid placing in direct sunlight.

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