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Life is what you paint it.

I work with art collectors across North America to bring their painting visions to life, no matter how simple or complex those ideas may be. Whether you're looking for a portrait to commemorate a loved one, or just want something cool to hang in your living room- I've got you. Have a look around and if you like what you see, lets connect. I can't wait to work with you!


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Hey There!

My name is Takeisha



Whether two-legged or four-legged, capture your loved ones the way you want to remember them.


See your favourite landmarks reimagined in an array of bold and vibrant colours.


Looking for something unique that hasn't been done yet? Have a look around and let your ideas run wild.

Jessica - JPEG Portrait (High Quality)-01.jpeg

For all things electronic - check out these custom logos, emotes and other digital creations.

How it Works

Step 1:

Submit Your Request

Send photos + a brief summary of what it is you're looking to commission. For portraits, please be sure to include high resolution images in your request.

Step 2:

Choose a


Once reviewed, I'll send you a list of canvas sizes along with price rates for your request. If your desired size isn't listed, let me know! We'll work together to ensure your get the size you need.

Step 3:

Follow  Your Progress

Watch your painting progress as I give you weekly updates every step of the way to ensure your painting is turning out how you've envisioned it. 

Step 4:

Enjoy Your


Once finished, sit back and wait for your painting to arrive! Then, kindly leave a review so others can hear about your experience.


Alyssa Mastrella

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I went to Takeisha to get a nice painting done of a beautiful, colourful frenchie bulldog. I gave options for her to look at and told her to create what she wants and use whatever colours and she killed it. Totally love it and so does my frenchie !"


Krystal De Leon

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"My painting was stunning! I wanted to capture the rambunctiousness of my dear Maxy. Takeisha did that to a T. She has the ability to create vivid, lifelike magic on canvas. The passion is evident with every brushstroke. I love it so much. Maxy does too!"


Rosemary Astley

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I went to Takeisha to get a nice painting done of a beautiful, colourful frenchie bulldog. I gave options for her to look at and told her to create what she wants and use whatever colours and she killed it. Totally love it and so does my frenchie !"


Stefanie Fernandes

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"My girlfriend and I hold Pride celebrations close to our hearts, every year we get to the honor of celebrating our love together in a huge way. We are forever grateful for Takeisha capturing and creating our amazing artwork, she captured us perfectly! Thank you so much! It hangs over the entrance of our home and we LOVE it! Cant wait for the next piece!"


Let's talk. Submit your inquiry below.


Thanks for submitting!

  • How much do you charge for a custom portrait?
    It all depends on how large and how much subject matter is included in the piece, but for a single-subject portrait prices typically start at $250 for an 8" x 10" painting. If you'd like to get an exact quote for a piece you'd like to commission, fill out the 'Get a Quote' form on the contact page.
  • How long does each painting take?
    Paintings can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to complete depending on how large/detailed your piece is. My most commonly commissioned pieces are 16" x 20" single-subject portraits, and these on average take about 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • Do you ship outside of Canada?
    Certainly! If you are ever wondering what shipping would cost to ship to your country, simply provide me with your address or the address of somewhere near to you and I will calculate this for you.
  • I'm nervous about having my painting shipped. Can I pick it up instead?
    Absolutely! I always offer my clients the option for free local pick up in Mississauga. Simply reach out to me directly and we can schedule a date/time that works best for you.
  • What if my painting is damaged in the shipping process?
    All shipped items are covered under insurance which is included in the overall shipping cost. If your painting arrives damaged, please reach out to me immediately and send any photos that may be helpful to ensure full coverage. Once your claim is accepted you may request a full refund or ask to have your painting remade.
  • Do I need to know exactly what size/picture I want before I inquire?
    Absolutely not! Its my job as the artist to help with the creative side of things. If you have a general idea but you're not sure where to start, I'll brainstorm some options for you and provide you with a list of prices/sizes for you to choose from.


Takeisha Ball

Mississauga, ON


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