3D Geometric Shapes


Pink Sand

My grandfather was a woodworker. Some of my earliest and fondest memories took place in his workshop where he'd let me choose a piece of scrap wood and set me up with a water glass, paintbrush, and some paints to let my imagination run wild. Those memories were my safe-haven when my family left the small town of Stanhope, Newfoundland to start our new life in Ontario. Through all of life's changes and struggles, art has been the one constant. I can't imagine my life without it.

Takeisha Ball

So you want to know more about me and my journey, eh? Cool! Well for starters, I am a Canadian artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. 

Throughout my life I've dabbled in all sorts of creative hobbies, from sculpting and writing to singing and performing music. The list could drag on forever- and though most of these things I still enjoy as hobbies, I've always excelled and felt most comfortable doing visual arts. Being an artist was always a distant dream of mine that I was too afraid to follow, until in 2017 when I began to commission portraits outside of my full-time job. A couple years into doing these portraits, I had reached a breaking point at my full-time desk job. The workload was constantly increasing, and stress levels were at an all time high putting me in a constant state of anxiousness and depression. I decided fear was no longer a reason to avoid pursuing a career that would enrich my life. Even if I was broke- I'd be richer in spirit. So, I began my career as a full-time artist.  

 Even though I am entirely self-taught, I've still had a fair share of accomplishments in my youth before my career began. Throughout the course of my education I received two Achievement of Excellence awards, participated in exhibits and at the age of 16, had been featured in the local newspaper showcasing one of her pieces titled "Raging Addiction" at the 2010 Walk The Art exhibit. Beyond educational achievements, I've done interviews and have had my work featured on various social media platforms, which I am very grateful for. Though my work has evolved through the years, some traits remain the same. Consistently the majority of my creations focus on hyper-realism, with emphasis on bold, saturated colour. This, to me, is what defines my style of work.

With all of my commissions, I take my time to get to know what it is my client wants and ask as many questions as needed to ensure I capture their creative vision. Portraits alone can take me anywhere from 30-50+ hours to complete. I am not someone who creates art half-heartedly. Each and every commission is made with endless love and care, and I do not consider any of them 'finished' until both myself and my clients are happy. Art is too important to me to not give it my best. Money is nice, but its their happiness that makes me feel rich.