Takeisha Ball

(b. 1993 in Newfoundland, Canada)

I am an artist based out of Ontario, Canada. My works consist of a wide range of fine art, including portraits, landscapes, still-life and abstract design. My passion for art has been prominent for as long as I can remember. So much, in fact, that it lead me to the start of my full-time career as a visual artist.

Early Life

When I was about 6 years old my mother moved with my siblings and I away from our tiny hometown of Stanhope, Newfoundland and into the bustling suburbs of Ontario, Canada. In both my childhood and adolescent years I had dabbled in all sorts of creative hobbies, from sculpting and writing to singing and performing music. Though I still enjoy these things as casual hobbies, the one constant I've always excelled in and felt most aligned with is visual art.


Becoming a full-time artist felt like a distant dream of mine. Fear of failure had clouded my aspirations to the point of giving up on the idea before I even tried. It was't until 2017 that my perspective began to change when I started commissioning portraits outside of my full-time job. After a couple years of steady work doing portraits and feeling increasingly more unfulfilled at my day job, I decided it was time to begin my pursuit of happiness. I quit my stressful desk job and began dedicating myself to my painting full-time.


My work is best known for its bold, vibrant colours and careful attention to detail. They have been the subject of online features by Trendy Art Ideas, Arts Hub, Our Toronto Village and more. I've also had the wonderful opportunity of being hosted on Drivewire Radio where I was interviewed about my creative process and journey to becoming a full-time artist.