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Behind the Paintbrush

Takeisha Ball

(b. 1993 in Newfoundland, Canada)

I am an artist based out of Mississauga, Ontario. My work consists of a wide range of acrylic and digital art including portraits, landscapes, still-life and abstract design. My passion for art has been prominent for as long as I can remember. Everywhere I look, I see an opportunity to create something. This is why I do what I do- I can't imagine a life without it.

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Early Life

When I was about 6 years old my mother moved with my siblings and I away from our tiny hometown of Stanhope, Newfoundland and into the bustling suburbs of Brampton, Ontario. Throughout my childhood I would carry a sketch book with me wherever I went, and by the time I'd reached high school my electives were filled with Visual Art and Sculpture classes anywhere I could fit them. Creativity is something that has always came naturally to me. 


Becoming a full-time artist felt like a distant dream of mine. Fear of failure had clouded my aspirations to the point of giving up on the idea before I had even tried. I was afraid to ruin the one thing that always brought me comfort. It was't until 2017 that my perspective began to change when I started commissioning portraits outside of my full-time job. After a couple years of steady work doing portraits and feeling increasingly more unfulfilled at my day job, I decided it was time to begin my pursuit of happiness. I quit my stressful 9-5 and began dedicating myself to my painting full-time.


Most artists are known for creating work that falls under a specific style or niche, mainly because we are taught that we must have one in order to be successful in the art world. To be honest I've never resonated with this narrative as it goes against every single creative instinct that I have. This is why I choose to commission all kinds of artwork. I want to share the kind of creativity that is limitless and exciting. Not just for the artist, but for the buyer as well.
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